Comfort vs growth

Working In-House vs MSP

Working In-House vs MSP 360 225 Kofi Darko

Which one is better for me? Whether you’re just starting your career, or a seasoned vet; there will be times when you need to consider which path to take. Some will say, IT is IT. There are some small but important differences between what you can expect from an In-House IT job and IT Service…

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3 ways to retain tech talent

3 ways to retain tech talent 960 685 Kofi Darko

Retaining IT talent is an important factor in determining whether a company’s IT strategy will succeed or fail. Every time you lose an IT professional you lose, not only their current skills, you also lose the experience they gained in your organisation. Experience is huge when it comes to productivity (think about the person knowing…

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Is IR35 coming to private sector?

Is IR35 coming to private sector? 960 685 Kofi Darko

Is HMRC going to unleash IR35 onto the private sector? The law, is meant to stop employees pretending to be contractors, in order to pay less tax. It’s not new, what has changed is now public sector organisations have to decide whether a contractor falls under IR35. This was something the contractor was responsible for…

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A.I. And What All The Fuss Is About

A.I. And What All The Fuss Is About 960 685 Kofi Darko

There has been a lot said about AI. Some people say it’s going to pave way for a golden era.  It’ll allow us to sit back and create art, music, great works of literature (probably just watch more game of thrones and daytime tv). Others think that we’ll soon be fighting a war of survival,…

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CVs From An IT Recruiter’s Perspective

CVs From An IT Recruiter’s Perspective 960 685 Kofi Darko

IT Recruiters view CVs differently. Mainly due to the volume of CVs they processes. Looking through lots of CVs, forces you to see patterns and strategize on how to get information most efficiently. This results in an optimal format that IT Recruiters prefer. Recruiters will try to review a CV’s skills, work history and (sometimes)…

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The Value of IT Certification

The Value of IT Certification 960 685 Kofi Darko

Certification is one of the ways we try to measure how good a candidate is. A face-to-face technical interview is better, but it’s not practical to do that for every applicant. That’s where certification comes in. The Bad News: Not all Certificate holders are equal Like all things in life, some people find ways to…

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Pursue Your Passion

Pursue Your Passion 960 685 Kofi Darko

This should be one of the most obvious things anyone has ever said. Unfortunately, a lot of people are still working roles that they have no interest in. If somehow you’ve been passively pushed into a role you’re not particularly interested in, it’s never too late to retrain and do something you’re passionate about. You…

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Be grateful to your IT Team

Why you should thank your IT Team

Why you should thank your IT Team 360 225 nbempong

Why You Should Thank Your IT Department    IT Support is one of the most thankless roles you can hold. By it’s very nature, you only talk to people who want to complain or report a problem. IT is so important to us that problems can cause serious stress. Imagine, spending your whole day only speaking…

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Which side do you want to be on

The Fine Line Between Self-Promotion and Lying

The Fine Line Between Self-Promotion and Lying 360 225 nbempong

The Fine Line Between Self-Promotion and Lying    The Trend:  You will hear people tell you that you need to promote yourself. You will struggle to hear anyone disagree with that. The confusion comes when you listen to what people suggest is acceptable and what is not when it comes to promoting yourself.   There is a…

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3 reason not to leave a gap in your CV

3 reason not to leave a gap in your CV 360 225 Kofi Darko

3 reasons you should never leave a (long) gap in your CV  There are a myriad of reasons why you might have a long gap in your employment over the course of your career. Life can throw all sorts of spanners into the works. Whether it’s because of an illness that forces you out of work to…

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