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How to increase your chances of finding a job

How to increase your chances of finding a job

Covid-19 has affected us in many different ways. One of them is the increase in unemployment. With the government’s furlough scheme about to end, things may get worse. One thing to remember is that employers/hirers will be receiving a lot of applications. 

Apply for jobs that match you experience and skills

It is tempting to apply for jobs that you may not have the skills or experience for. You might even reason that you don’t have anything to lose. I’ll explain in my next point why that’s not strictly true. If you’re a good fit for the role you have a better chance of being reviewed favourably instead of tossed aside.   

The more relevant jobs you apply for the better

It’s a fact that applying for jobs is a numbers game. Imagine applying for one job. Now imagine applying for 100 jobs. In which scenario are you more likely to be hired? I know first hand how draining it can be to apply for numerous jobs day in and day out. Are you better off using your energy to apply for the most relevant jobs or applying to any related jobs that you come across. Remember you only have a certain amount of time and energy. 

You should be careful when trying to stand out

If you’re a developer, by all means showcase your online portfolio. Try to describe projects and other tangible results you’ve achieved. Using coloured paper or funky fonts and formats could work against you. Look at the sector you’re applying for jobs in. What might work well in a creative industry may not work so well in Tech. If in doubt, talk to your peers and any hirers that you know. 

Use your network

Almost everyone I know has landed a job at some point through a recommendation or referral. Talk to your friends, family and acquaintances. You never know who might be able to put you in touch with the right people. In addition, referrals increase your chances of success. The person referring you is indirectly (sometimes directly) vouching for you. This puts you in a more trusted category from the start.


Even with all the tips, it will boil down to a combination of factors. The work you put in; how targeted your applications are; and luck. The are many factors you can’t control. Sometimes it just boils down to being in the right place at the right time. Above all, stay positive and don’t take the rejections personally. Get feedback whenever possible and where you can, update your skills, update your approach or anything else that is fed back to you constructively. You’ll continue to improve and become a better prospect for employers.    

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Dealing with rejection

Dealing with Rejection

With the way things are at the moment, you may experience more rejection than usual. When you’re trying your best but not seeing any results it’s normal to feel disheartened.

Things to remember

1. Giving up guarantees failure  

As long as you don’t give up you still have a chance. The moment you do, then it’s over. If it’s getting to be too much, you can reduce the number of applications you make daily. Then make a point to enjoy your leisure time doing inexpensive things you love. You can see this as an extended break.    

2. You can never tell when the breakthrough is about to happen 

We’ve all heard the story about a miner that gave up and sold his mine. Another person bought it and within a day struck gold. Improve your skills, learn better ways to do things but you have to believe that you will break through.

3. Never be embarrassed to ask for help.

Make use of your network. Don’t feel bad asking for help. Your network is a valid resource. Chances are someone you know may be able to provide you with that connection you need. Nobody ever makes it without any help, it might be something as small as a good suggestion.  

4. Have a plan B

It is possible to have a backup plan that you can carry out at the same time. It may be something you can do temporarily, or an idea you’ve wanted to try out but haven’t had the time. Having something else can help you from despairing and allow you to keep plugging away at your main goal. It’s better to divide your effort than to quit altogether. If that plan B turns out to be better than your plan A, then that’s even better. 


When things get tough it’s easy to despair.  You have to keep going. Try anything that can make you happy, make the most of your situation, enjoy your time with family, friends, spend pleasurable time pursuing your hobbies. As long as you devote a fair amount of time and effort to attaining your goals, it isn’t a bad thing to enjoy your leisure time. Take things one day at a time and know that things will get better if you keep putting in the work and improving your tools.


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