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Why interviews are a two-way street

Why interviews are a two-way street 960 684 nbempong

Why interviews are a two-way street? 

A lot of candidates and employers forget that interviews are there to allow them to assess each other. It’s not a one-sided conversation. As a candidate is being assessed, they should be assessing the company that they’re interviewing with. They’ll be spending a large portion of their lives at work so this is extremely important. Let us assume that the candidate does not want any job at all that is flung their way. That will help us avoid the old biases.   

You spend a lot of your life working

You’ll be spending a lot of your time working. When you take that into account it’s even more important that you ensure the environment is a good fit for you. What if the job sounds great on paper but you don’t enjoy the environment? You’ll find you’re in for a lot of avoidable pain. You colleagues will have more of your time than your family.

If you are a good candidate (even if you’re not) you’ll have choices 

A company might be great but won’t be the only one trying to land great candidates. When there is competition, candidates have more choice and how a company behaves is a bigger factor. If a company looks slightly better than another on paper, but the interviewers are rude, and start telling you during the interview how they expect you to drop everything for work, that might be a problem. One that looks slightly less attractive on paper but emphasises how much they want employees to have a good work life balance, will start looking better. If you don’t pay attention you will miss these important signs. 

How you’re treated during your interview is a very good measure of future treatment

Think about what an interview is. It’s when a company meets a candidate that they are interested in hiring. That means they want to present the best version of themselves, right? Even if they aren’t trying to put their best foot forward, how they’re behaving now is an indication of how they’ll treat you later. I’m afraid there is more chance they will treat you worse than at your interview than there is they’ll treat you better. It is even more important you try to get an idea of what the company culture is like.


Never forget the purpose of an interview is two-fold. You to showcase yourself, and the company to showcase their culture. It’s in everyone’s interest for candidates to assess the company they are interviewing with. I’m confident fewer people would quit or be fired before their probation ends if we all did this. It’s even worse when you make it through probation and become an unhappy, unproductive member of staff. Everyone loses out. I hope these words will help future employees and employers.

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